Our quality

Premium-quality blades
made in Germany

Our quality

Premium-quality blades
made in Germany

The words “Made in Germany” are synonymous with quality products and high standards. As a result, customers all over the world can have confidence in the reliability and safety of our razors.

Our precision

We focus on the growing consumer demand for a close and smooth shave. For us, this means quality work down to the smallest detail, at all levels of production. We are constantly refining our product technology – from improving the shaving process with a more ergonomic design to fine-tuning razor blades and making them last longer. Evolution, innovation and high technology are our constant hallmarks.

Our experience

Decades of experience, top-quality blade-cutting technology, and long-term growth are all a testament to Harry’s symbiosis of tradition and innovation. High-quality production technologies, a highly qualified team, and continuous development are the pillars that guarantee our expertise.

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Our standard of quality

We achieve this with a great deal of expertise in market, product and price strategy as well as professionalism in design, technology and production.

Made in Germany

Our central European geographical location helps us to serve key markets outside of Germany. Based on this, we have grown into one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in wet shaving technology.

We are certified



DIN EN ISO 50001 – Seeweg

DIN EN ISO 50001 – Seerasen