Our values

At Harry’s, we bring together the best of two worlds: a New York start-up with a passion for functional and appealing design meets a more than 100-year-old razor blade manufacturer based in the heart of Thuringia. They are united by four core corporate values that characterize a family atmosphere and create space for personal development.


We value forward thinking, learning, and progress. We creatively solve problems and generate new ideas by learning from both setbacks and successes.




Even when it’s hard, we embrace the mammoth in the room — with an emphasis on the embrace <3
We proactively offer feedback, listen, and have direct dialogue daily, because having tough conversations and considering diverse perspectives make us better. Like the mighty-but-fuzzy mammoth, we can be bold and direct without losing our empathy.





We act as owners and doers in ways big and small. We always ensure that ownership is clear — when we’re not owning it ourselves, we’re delegating, empowering, and trusting others. We’re accountable for our successes and failures.





At the end of the day, our purpose is in the people. We see, respect, and try to connect with every person as a person, and take action that will have a positive impact on people. We always remember our humanity and humor because we’re people, too.