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Maren Kroll speaks at DLD digital conference

Harry’s member Maren Kroll discussed the topic of “Leadership in disruptive times” within the scope of the DLD digital conference.

On June 21, the internationally renowned event for the digital elite was held, for the first time in its history, at a university. Students and academics from the University of Bayreuth convened with politicians and international businesspeople to exchange views about the digital potential inherent to research and industry and their impact on society. DLD (Digital, Life, Design) is regarded as the primary innovation conference in German-speaking Europe. It has offshoots in Tel Aviv, Brussels and New York City. The event is a platform for opinion leaders, industry representatives, policymakers, top academics, creative professionals and investors to present their ideas in an interdisciplinary environment. The DLD Campus focuses on networking the international DLD community with regional businesses, politicians and students.

Image copyright: DLD Campus


Maren Kroll is the Head of Human Resources at Harry’s in Germany.