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Eisfeld’s town houses an exhibition of its unique factory history

Eisfeld’s town museum is reopening after a long break due to Corona. Along with it, the special exhibition “Eisfeld shaves the world – 100 years of razor blades from Ritzmann, Feintechnik and HARRY`S” will mark the 100th anniversary of our historic razor blade factory here in Eisfeld, Germany. The idea for this special exhibition originated back in 2019 and was intended as a prelude to the celebrations marking the company’s 100th anniversary in 2020.

The special exhibition shows numerous artifacts collected from the last 100 years and illustrates the unique company history of the factory in Eisfeld. The exhibition was conceived by Heiko Haine, Eisfelds town archivist. He collected, the shown exhibits in a long period of time, mostly from private collections and some of the property of the factory, which today belongs to Harry’s Inc.. Among the collection are hand-painted advertising posters, sharpening machines, an original edition of the New York Times with an article on Harry’s in Eisfeld, various razor blades, different packaging, all Harry’s products and many more. Admission is free for all Harry’s employees upon presentation of their company ID.

The ceremony on the 8th of July 2021 was opened by Museum Director Heiko Haine together with Eisfeld Mayor Sven Gregor. Both received a special gift from Harry’s Managing Director Michael Hirthammer – the anniversary book “Eisfeld 100 // Ritzma / Feintechnik / Harry’s”.

The museum shows 100 years of unique factory history

Founded by the Thuringian entrepreneur Albin Ritzmann in 1920, the “Ritzma Werke” was transformed into VEB Feintechnik after the end of World War II and was the only razor blade manufacturer in the GDR at the time. The former family business was sold several times after reunification but remained successful. The factory’s long history of tradition culminated in 2014 in the merger of the New Economy and the Old Economy: the New York start-up Harry’s, Inc. bought the legendary production plant in Eisfeld and has been revolutionising the worldwide market for shaving products from thereon. Since the fusion, the production site in Eisfeld has been significantly expanded, turning it into one of the most modern razor blade factories in Europe. Eisfelds location and the qualified expertise of the employees are major deceives of Harry’s success. The company not only invests in expansion but also gives employees the opportunity for training and further education. With around 600 employees, the company is now one of the largest in its region. The success of the factory in Eisfeld is due to its employees. It was the energy of the workforce that made the preservation of the factory and the fusion of start-up and traditional company possible.

Furthermore, the exhibition is not only a product viewing from the last 100 years, it also shows the result of innovation and efficiency created by employees. Along the range of products and services, it shows the variety of sharpening machines, plush toys, hair clippers, and many more. For its purpose, Harry’s is producing 300 wet razors, which will be available for the exhibition and can be experienced in a replica barbershop. Visitors will also be able to test all new shaving products of Harry’s. Which launched in Germany in March 2021 and can be purchased online at www.harrys.de. The special exhibition can be visited until the end of 2021.

Further information at https://www.museum-eisfeld.info/