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Harry's News

HARRY'S supports Freunde fürs Leben e.V.

Every year, HARRY’S donates one percent of sales to charities that share a common goal: Making it as easy as possible for people to access mental health care.

In this context, we are very pleased to announce the first 1% partner in Germany, “Freunde fürs Leben” (Friends for Life). This non-profit organisation has set itself the task of educating the public about the taboo subjects of depression and suicide and providing targeted information about warning signals, offers of help and therapy options.

As a brand for men’s care products, HARRY’S establishes partnerships with organisations that advocate for men’s mental health. This is because men are disproportionately affected by suicides: around 75 percent of suicides are committed by men (German Federal Statistical Office). Through our cooperation with the non-profit organisation Freunde fürs Leben e.V., we are expanding our commitment in the fight against depression and suicide to promote the issue.

To celebrate its new charity partner, HARRY’S is also collaborating with high-quality Scandinavian clothing brand Soulland. Together, we created a limited edition collection that raises awareness of mental health through expressive statements on various clothing items and encourages conversation. Customers have the opportunity to become active themselves, make a statement and support the social mission of HARRY’S and Freunde fürs Leben e.V.