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Harry's News

INDUSTRIE INTOUCH 2018 - With 240 registrations, Harry's was fully booked before the start of the event

On November 1st, Harry’s welcomed interested visitors to INDUSTRIE INTOUCH who were excited to to learn more about the company and possible career paths at Harry’s. With 240 registrations, the razorblade manufacturer was already fully booked before the event even startedand, as in previous years, Harry’s was a huge magnet for visitors to INDUSTRIE INTOUCH.

One of the highlights was the first-time panel discussion with employees providing an insight into their personal career paths at Harry’s and answering the audience’s questions about dual studies, salary and training paths. Another highlight was the live broadcasting to the New York office with Jeff Raider, one of the two Harry’s founders. He was happy to talk about the expansion plans and the new product-line „Flamingo“, and of course answering the audience´s questions.

Afterwards, the guests were able to take a look behind the scenes. They had the opportunity to join various guided tours to get to know the productionsite and to learn eventually more about the individual steps in the manufacturing of razorblades.

In the discussion moderated by Human Resources Manager Maren Kroll, Harry’s employees from various divisions of the company reported on their individual career paths at Harry’s.

This year, 240 visitors took a look behind the scenes of the razor blade production at Harry’s in Eisfeld.

Jeff Raider (2nd from right), Co-founder of Harry’s, welcomed the audience via live broadcast from Harry’s New York office.