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Harry's News

Harry's donates presents

Once again this year, it was important to us to make a small contribution to the region during the Christmas season and support the surrounding kindergartens and daycare centers with a donation.

Our two managing directors did not want to miss out on the sparkle in the eyes of the little ones and attended the official gift handover in person.

On December 4, 2023, Florian Schebitz and Mayor Sven Gregor visited the Fritz Weineck daycare center in Sachsenbrunn, which was delighted to receive a cooking machine for cooking and baking together. The device can be operated by the children themselves and was already in use that day for baking cookies. Also on the wish list was a light box with changing colors, on which the most fantastic patterns can be created with colorful building blocks. It was immediately and enthusiastically used.

Just one day later, he went to the AWO kindergarten “Kleine Weltentdecker” in Eisfeld, where Florian Schebitz was able to marvel at a new music system, which was put to instant use during a short play followed by a dance party.

On December 20, 2023, it was Gordon Bittig’s turn to hand over a construction and play carpet and a kindergarten store to the “Zwergenhaus” daycare center in Harras. Trying out the two new acquisitions could only be interrupted for a quick photo break.

The next day, he was guest at the integrative daycare center “Pfiffikus” in Eisfeld, which thanked him with an almost Grammy-worthy vocal performance for a jukebox with Bluetooth sound system and a CD sound machine plus microphone.